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Aeroseal is the best solution for a large range of Commercial building problems. Whether the problem is energy consumption, poor indoor air quality, or commissioning the HVAC system, Aeroseal is up to the job.

Energy Consumption

When considering energy saving strategies for commercial buildings, it always comes down to cost savings and return-on-investment. With aeroseal duct sealing technology, the traditional time and man-power required to effectively seal ductwork has plummeted. That has made duct sealing now one of the highest return on investment strategies building owners can make when it comes to energy savings.

Indoor Air Quality

Aeroseal works from the inside of the ducts to locate and seal the leaks that cause poor IAQ. No tearing down walls or stripping off insulation. Often times, multi-floor buildings are aerosealed from top to bottom without disruption to the occupants or normal operation of the businesses inside.


Aeroseal duct sealing technology changed that. Now, sealing the leaks that cause poor ventilation is a straightforward, cost-effective process. Since aeroseal is applied from the inside of the ductwork, finding and sealing leaks is done with minimal if any disruption to existing structures. Projects can often be completed in as short as a single afternoon. A computerized report shows the actual before and after results.

Meeting Code and Specs for Ducts

The computerized Aeroseal system measures the current leakage rate as the sealing process is being employed, and then it generates an accurate before-and-after report highlighting the results. No need to guess whether or not you’ve met your leakage goals. No follow up TAB or retesting required.

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