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Advanced Conservation Technology (ACT), Inc. D'MAND®, is the environmental leader in conservation products specializing in water and energy. People use the ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrols® instant hot water distribution system in their buildings because:

  • Saves 8,000 - 12,000 gallons of water per year
  • Eliminates 8,000 - 12,000 gallons of sewage usage per year
  • Saves $200 - $400 (or more) in water and energy costs per year
  • Eliminates 3,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year
  • Costs less than $1 in electricity per year

One of the most common plumbing system problems is the wait for hot water. By installing an ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrol® hot water distribution system, you can greatly reduce the wait time for hot water and the water wasted down the drain - hot water now! Depending on your plumbing layout, the ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrol® hot water distribution system will either be installed under the furthest fixture or at the end of the dedicated return line. When considering whether a hot water distribution system is the right plumbing solution for your plumbing problems, it is important to remember that ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrol® hot water distribution systems work with either standard or structured plumbing layouts. 

One of the most attractive features of the ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrol® hot water distribution system, besides having hot water on demand and the water and energy savings, is its easy plumbing installation. The D'MAND Kontrol® hot water distribution system easily retrofits beneath the fixture furthest from the water heater and reduces the wait for hot water and water wasted down the drain. If you need a plumbing solution for your wait for hot water, then the ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrol® hot water distribution system is for you!

ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrol Systems® is an "environmental enterprise" whose operations are focused on benefiting and protecting the environment. It is their mission to develop, manufacture and sell technologically advanced products of high quality that help to conserve natural resources and promote ecological sustainability. They believe that minimizing the depletion of precious natural resources will ultimately help contribute to the quality of life for future generations. ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrol Systems® are made in the United States, developed by Americans with American technology.

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