Why are property, people and pets expendable?

| by Carmen Bellavia
Why are property, people and pets expendable?

Structures knocked over and scattered as if they were built with tongue depressors. Everything gone. Human lives devastated. Tens-of-thousands of people, their homes, possessions and beloved pets, lost to wild fires and high-winds events like tornadoes and hurricanes.

We have all seen it, year after year, decades on end, with the horrifying images unfolding on our screens and dominating the front pages of our newspapers.

Then, invariably and with great cause, someone asks the question: Why aren’t our homesthe place where all our most sacred positions are kept, the dwelling where we put our children to sleep, the family sanctuarywhy isn’t it built better to keep us safe? 

There is only one reason: the roof.

It’s not impossible or even difficult to re-enforce walls and manufacture impact-resistant windows that will withstand Cat-5 hurricanes and F-5 tornadoes, as well as make them eternally fire-proof. But why build a structure for high-level safety if the roof burns or gets blown away? Realistically, when the roof is compromised, personal property, helpless people and beloved pets are all in mortal danger! 

Most roofing products are marketed as Class A fire resistance, and others are B- or C-rated. So what does that mean?

Let’s identify the tests conducted to determine these classifications. Class-A means a test was taken whereby a flame will not spread beyond six feet in 10 minutes, Class B beyond eight feet in 10 minutes and Class C beyond 13 feet in 10 minutes. Also, in all three classes, the fire will not burn down to the wood deck and combust into a flame that can be observed from the attic area within a 90-minute time span. Such time spans are considered by the industry as “time enough” to get everyone safely out of the home (plus whatever you can carry) until the firefighters arrive. But what if the fire department isn’t coming? What if a massive tornado or hurricane is raging, and you plus local emergency agencies are hunkered down during the storm? Let’s agree to reality. You’re extremely vulnerable inside your own home!

Fortunately, the right roof system not only prevents fire from spreading beyond two feet, it self-extinguishes in under 10-minutes, refuses to reignite and never allows a fire to reach the wood decking. In addition, this roof has a 200 mph-plus rating that also eliminates vertical wind-driven rain from leaking into the structure. Those are characteristics of the 3 IN 1 ROOF system, which to even greater benefit offers energy-saving solar technology as an option.

No longer is the roof a home’s weak link, which means it is time all building officials in high-risk areas throw out their inadequate construction codes and mandate re-building measures equal to the safety standards offered by the 3 IN 1 ROOF system. Not only will property, people and pets be much farther out of harm's way, a structure’s liability will be drastically reduced. Insurance companies should accept, recognize and appreciate these sounder re-builds as insurable at a reduced rate with better coverage for the policyholder. This also will enable underwriters to bring back x-policyholders that were dropped based on their logistics, creating a “win-win-win” for everyone.

No matter what your opinion is regarding Global Warming, it is undeniable today’s weather patterns are dangerous. As a result, we are paying more for insurance every year but routinely offered less coverage for our hard-earned dollars. With the aid of the 3 IN 1 ROOF system, now’s the time to move the discussion for better building codes out from the limelight and into the spotlight.

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