Battle Building at UVA Children’s Hospital utilizes radiant floor heating

| by Monica Irgens
Battle Building at UVA Children’s Hospital utilizes radiant floor heating

The Battle Building which opened in 2014 in Charlottesville, Virginia brought several pediatric outpatient services together, creating a central hub for interdisciplinary care. It houses a clinical trials suite and Children’s Clinical Research Office to foster the development of new treatments. The building allows specialists in multiple disciplines to work side by side, jointly consulting with patients and families to deliver the best care possible. The 200,000-square-foot, seven-story complex houses treatment areas, outpatient services and research and will include 75 examination rooms.

A major concern for hospitals is the need to control the room temperature in different areas for the health safety and comfort of the patients. For example, the patient wards need to be 70-72 degrees F. for comfort.  But surgery rooms need to be at 66-68 degrees F. to reduce humidity and condensation.

Keeping a healthy environment is very important in a hospital. Ambient comfort levels depend on many factors including the temperature, humidity, airflow, radiant heat, and clothing of the individual among others. The inherent self-regulating properties of STEP Warmfloor provide an even low temperature making these systems very safe, comfortable and energy efficient. Another unique benefit is that the heat output adjusts itself to the ambient and body temperatures and will not overheat.

STEP Warmfloor, low-voltage heating element made of self-regulating, PTC Nano technology semi-conductive polymer was installed on four floor levels in the areas where people get together, such as the public waiting rooms, discovery/play rooms; family resource/meeting rooms and class rooms:

  • Floor level 3 = 1560 sq. –   960 feet =   8,640 watts
  • Floor level 4 = 1922 sq. – 1182 feet = 10,638 watts
  • Floor level 5 = 1922 sq. – 1182 feet = 10,638 watts
  • Floor level 6 = 1922 sq. – 1182 feet = 10,638 watts

STEP Warmfloor is easily zoned and keeps each individual room at the desired temperature. With radiant heat the heat distribution in a room is optimal when the temperature is higher at the feet that at the head level. Dust is not burned or blown around to aggravate people with allergies and asthma.

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Monica Irgens

Monica is President of Electro Plastics, Inc., manufacturer of STEP Warmfloor® heating systems: a patented, low-voltage, self-regulating flat and thin heater. Monica has been in the radiant heating industry for over 20 years. She was member of the Radiant Panel Association for 15 years, served on the RPA Board of Directors as chairperson of the Electric Committee and the Green Committee. Monica is also a member of the USGBC and has been involved in the design of LEED registered buildings.

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