Three-tower mixed-use complex in Tel Aviv earns LEED Platinum

Three-tower mixed-use complex in Tel Aviv earns LEED Platinum

Renderings via Yashar Architects

Landmark TLV, a sprawling complex featuring three glass-clad towers that create a "mixed-use complex" and tech-savvy neighborhood of its own, is one of the first corporate buildings in Israel to receive LEED Platinum certification.

Designers Yashar Architects were inspired by a futuristic vision of what Tel Aviv's modern work-live-play environment should be. The project Landmark TLV, developed by Melisron Ltd. and Africa Properties, set for full occupancy in 2022.

Erected in the heart of Tel Aviv's Central Business district and adjacent to the Sarona Complex, Landmark TLV will create an unparalleled work-live-play experience for Tel Aviv's thriving start-up, tech, and entrepreneurial business culture and its major players.

Offering 160,000 square meters of new office, commercial and residential space within three towers, Landmark TLV's largest structure features two 45-floor towers connected via an internal atrium with open glass exteriors and views of the entire Tel Aviv skyline and the Mediterranean Sea. The interior atriums are created to directly connect inhabitants of the building to create, socialize and interact outside of their personal office spaces while being treated to panoramic beams of natural light and sea breezes.

Yashar Architects designed the elevators to face outward towards the atrium, avoiding the classic form of isolated elevator banks. Every tenth floor is connected via internal bridges that allow the two buildings to function as one cohesive tower. The internal bridges were designed to foster sub-communities on each floor, taking the city street indoors.

Landmark TLV addresses the changing tides of corporate culture, uprooting the traditional office environment for a design-forward experiential and co-working community. In addition to the project's two connected glass-clad towers, is a third smaller tower. The courtyard of the project features public leisure and entertainment-soaked piazza filled with fountains, greenery and high-end retail on the ground and first floors. In addition to numerous common lounge areas, Landmark TLV will also have several culinary and café options, green rooftop spaces and breathtaking views that enhance the character and quality of the interior office spaces.

"The design concept and layout of Landmark TLV takes advantage of the unique Mediterranean lighting, and each area is spatially arranged to afford large communal spaces and breathtaking views from every vantage point," said Avner Yashar of Yashar Architects. "Every worker is part of the city when they walk out of the elevator and into Landmark TLV's sun-lit communal spaces.

The project is a precise design initiative to address the needs of the inhabitants and work/life balance shifts affecting the working world. Tel Aviv remains among the world's largest tech sectors and serves as a global hub for start-ups and high-tech firms. Landmark TLV addresses the modern needs of these companies for office space that is design-friendly, green and promotes a healthy work/life balance to keep employees satisfied and allow companies to recruit and retain the best talent.

Landmark TLV's location at Sarona Gardens places it central to the young professional population of Tel Aviv and is a block away from the main transportation hubs of the surrounding Central Israel area. A planned subterranean road will additionally connect the street to six underground levels of parking for the complex.

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