Shading technology controls indoor temperatures, keeps occupants comfortable

Shading technology controls indoor temperatures, keeps occupants comfortable

Mermet shades with Koolblack technology. (Below) Greg Mullet speaks about Mermet's products at Greenbuild 2015. Photo courtesy of Mermet

Mermet specializes in solar screen fabrics made from high-quality coated fiberglass yarn, used primarily for internal and external solar screen shades. Mermet's functional fabrics are designed for solar protection, energy savings, pleasing visual aesthetics and acoustical comfort. Installations ranging from the Petronas Towers in Malaysia to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. 

Mermet’s Koolblack™ technology, showcased at last month’s Greenbuild 2015, enhances dark-colored yarn’s energy reflectivity by increasing its near infrared reflection (NIR).

While conventional dark screen fabric provides a superior view through and exceptional glare control, it absorbs the energy that created by near infrared wavelength. A dark screen fabric with Koolblack absorbs less energy as it reflects solar heat.

The energy efficiency of those dark solar shade fabrics is comparable to light colors.

Koolblack-covered shades reduce heat passing through it by 23 percent.

Greg Mullet, national sales and marketing manager for Mermet, said that what that means is occupants are more comfortable throughout the space, enabling more of the floor to be used.

“Instead of having perhaps 100 people on a floor because of the heat that penetrates the window, a business could include a few more,” Mullet said.

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