Regulations, consumer demand drive efficient water heaters

June 10, 2017 | by Steve Arel
Regulations, consumer demand drive efficient water heaters

Photo courtesy of Bradford White

Water is the lifeblood of countless commercial operations.

Restaurants. Hotels. Industrial facilities.

Trying to stem costs, those operations want to implement efficiencies that can drive down expenses while maintaining a high level of productivity.

For more than a century, Bradford White has helped businesses meet those goals with water heaters, boilers and storage tanks that have been recognized globally for quality and durability. In fact, the company was named the 2016 Pennsylvania Company of the Year by the World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia.

The manufacturer has expanded its footprint in 2017. Earlier this year, it acquired production assets from the heat pump water heater operations of GE Appliances. And in May, Bradford White’s thriving Canada division relocated all operations from Mississauga, Ontario, to a much larger facility in Halton Hills, Ontario.

Carl Pinto, director of marketing for Bradford White, spoke recently with Proud Green Building about the company’s role in the green and sustainable water heating market.

Proud Green Building: What do you anticipate will have the greatest impact on the green and sustainable building industry this year, particularly as it relates to hot water heating.

Carl Pinto:Regulations and consumer demand. Regulations on the national and state level continue to drive “greener” regulations when it comes to both residential and commercial products.

Additionally, consumers are looking for “greener,” more efficient products and are sometimes willing to pay a higher up-front cost in favor of longer-term savings when it comes to energy costs over the life of the product.

PGB: What impact is your business having on green and sustainable building in 2017?

Pinto:Bradford White will continue to broaden its line of high-efficiency products in 2017, both in the tankless and tank lines we offer. Recently, we made a significant investment in securing the heat pump water heater manufacturing assets from GE appliances, which will allow Bradford White to produce its high-efficiency AeroTherm heat pump water heater in our Middleville, Mich., facility.

PGB: How is the progress of green and sustainable building in 2017 helping make the work you do an easier sell to current clients and potential clients? And are clients becoming more accepting and understanding of the approach, realizing its value?

Pinto:Heating and hot water systems play a major part in establishing a green facility. While overall customer acceptance of and demand for greener technology is increasing, utilization varies based on costs, incentives and other factors that come into play. Those who are generally accepting of the more efficient technology understand that it often comes with higher upfront costs and the savings is to be gained over the long-term.

PGB: How is achievement and growing interest in commercial green and sustainable practices among those around the world changing the way Bradford White operates?

Pinto:International considerations are important, but the interest varies widely as some countries are far more progressive than others when it comes to green building practices and green regulations. The reality is that some countries are pushing higher efficiency products through building codes, which is increasing the adoption of these technologies.

But, consumers, both residential and commercial, are proving to consciously and increasingly make the decision to switch to higher efficiency products where they can see the payback.

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