QuadCore insulated panel 'a quantum leap' forward

QuadCore insulated panel 'a quantum leap' forward

Kingspan's IPN-QuadCore insulated panels comes with a 40-year thermal performance warranty. (Below) Brent Trenga talks about the panels at Greenbuild 2015. Photos by ProudGreenBuilding.com

When it comes to energy savings and sustainability, Kingspan focuses on the building envelope. It’s there that the company’s insulated panels provide protection from the elements and from dangers such as fire.

Brent Trenga talks about the QuadCore insulated panels.Kingspan’s new IPN-QuadCore technology was on display last month at Greenbuild 2015, showcasing to the thousands attending the world’s largest sustainability convention and expo how its newest product promotes greater energy efficiency and healthier commercial buildings.

Calling the QuadCore an “innovative product,” Brent Trenga, Kingspan’s director of education and sustainability, said the United States marks the 14th country in which the technology has been launched.

“What makes this unique is the proprietary technology of what we call the gray matter, which is the core of this product,” he said.

The QuadCore is made up of microscopic gray cells that literally are the center of the product. “Quad” describes its four values – environmental, fire protection, warranty and thermal performance.

The insulated panels, which Kingspan refers to as a “quantum leap,” provides for up to a 40 percent thermal enhancement over other products, a 40-year thermal and structural guarantee and superior fire protection. In fact, IPN-QuadCore is the only closed-cell insulated panel material approved to FM 4882 for smoke-sensitive occupancy.

“We are an energy efficiency company,” Trenga said. “A lot of the users, designers and contractors, they’re reducing the footprint in energy intensity. It starts with the building envelope and that’s where the QuadCore can make a difference.”

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