LG takes its technology on the road

LG takes its technology on the road

LG is hitting the road with several of its newest air-conditioning innovations.

The LG Technology Roadshow, a mobile showroom on wheels that is underway, is designed to providing customers across the United States an opportunity for a hands-on experience with the latest technologies.

Last month, LG unveiled LG MultiSite, which the company touts as the future of the connected building. LG also launched the Multi V 5, the new flagship product in its air-source VRF systems, which not only has reduced space and weight requirements, but also helps to reduce installation costs.

The roadshow will tour the United States throughout 2017, starting in California. Starting in Los Angeles, the roadshow is scheduled to make stops this spring in Bakersfield, Fresno, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and Sacramento, Calif.; Portland, Ore.; Seattle, Wash.; Reno, Nev.; and Irving, Texas – and then move east for the remainder of the year.

The 30-foot-long mobile showroom, which displays more than a dozen air conditioning innovations, is designed to help educate engineers, contractors, architects and building owners across the country about advances in commercial and residential comfort systems.

“We look forward to enabling potential customers to experience our technologies firsthand and understand how they can improve every installation, from retrofits to new builds,” said Kevin McNamara, senior vice president of air conditioning technologies for LG Electronics USA.

The roadshow features 15 of LG technologies, including outdoor units, indoor units and controls:

LG MultiSITE Controls Suite

Launched at AHR Expo 2017, the LG MultiSITE Remote Controller, LG MultiSITE Communications Manager and LG MultiSITE VM3 Building Management Solution empower operators to take control of their buildings in ways that were not previously possible.

The LG MultiSITE Remote Controller features a highly intuitive, customizable user interface that allows system managers to configure functionality and home screen appearance to meet the needs of a specific zone. The LG MultiSITE Communications Manager integrates the power of LG VRF technology into an existing third-party building management system, directly integrating with a VRF system and eliminating the need for a gateway. The LG MultiSITE VM3 building management solution maximizes the sophistication of control in each building system for cohesive building operation and synergistic performance.

LG Multi V 5

The new flagship product in LG’s air-source VRF systems, Multi V 5 represents the next generation in the popular LG Multi V family. The LG Multi V 5 is available from 6- to 42-tons, with a choice of three-phase 208V, 230V or 460V electrical power as heat recovery/heat pump outdoor units. New to the Multi V line-up are the single frame 16-, 18-, and 20-ton units. The 20-ton unit represents the largest tonnage single frame on the market today. As a smaller and lighter solution, the Multi V 5 20-ton not only reduces footprint requirements, but also helps to reduce installation costs.


While the footprint of the Multi V 5 has been reduced, its performance has increased. Building upon Smart Load Control of the Multi V IV, the Multi V 5 features Advanced Smart Load Control, which proactively addresses the impact of pending weather changes ensuring optimal comfort for all of the building occupants. The Multi V 5 also features LG Intelligent Heating technology that defrosts as needed rather than responding once frost has reached a preset point. On top of active response capabilities, the Multi V 5 also features a new biomimetic fan design that draws from natures design and enables the unit to operate more efficiently and increase airflow while reducing the perceived noise level by approximately 20 percent.

Art Cool Premier

LG’s Art Cool Premier wall-mount duct-free split system is among the industry’s most efficient and stylish air-conditioning units. The quiet outdoor unit features an inverter compressor, which consumes less energy than conventional air conditioners. The inverter compressor ramps up or down to match the outdoor temperature load and provides precise control based on the each room’s setpoint. When the selected temperature is reached, the inverter compressor operates at a low speed to maintain comfort level instead of continuing to cycle on and off, using less energy.

Earning the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2016 designation, the LG Art Cool Premier system also features LGRED High Performance Heating with low ambient heating operations down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring continuous operation and efficient performance during even the coldest winter months. It boasts one of the highest SEER ratings in its class and works seamlessly with the LG Smart AC, allowing the end-user to wirelessly connect, control and monitor the indoor unit’s full array of functions and features through an intuitive smart phone app.

Art Cool Gallery

LG provides owners the opportunity to express an individual sense of style while cooling or heating their space with the duct-free Art Cool Gallery. This innovative indoor model allows the user to display an image in the customizable frame. The Art Cool Gallery is compatible with single and multiple zone outdoor units.

Key features of the Art Cool Gallery include remote control operation, quick and easy installation, natural air flow and auto operation modes. It maintains a quiet sound for both indoor and outdoor units. The LG Art Cool Gallery Inverter duct-free split system provides both comfort and a stylish aesthetic for all-season comfort.

Art Cool Mirror

The Art Cool Mirror indoor units have a flat panel with a charcoal mirror finish to complement any design aesthetic. It integrates a motorized guide vane that allows the control of airflow from side to side, as well as a motorized louver that can automatically change airflow by directing the air up and down for a uniform air distribution.


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