Customer input drives Taco technologies

| by Steve Arel
Customer input drives Taco technologies

Taco recently introduced its eLink service. Photo courtesy of Taco

Taco Comfort Solutions relies on the voice of the customer.

It’s the end-users’ insight that largely has led to the automation and controls that make the company’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning products a popular choice in residential and commercial construction projects.

As effective as Taco’s technologies have proven in scores of structures, the company invests considerable time with prospects before deploying any solution.

It all begins with defining a client’s intent.

“We’re not focused as much on the widgets,” said Geoff Bent of Taco. “We’re focused on how’s it going to work and why’s it going to work and what is it going to be connected to?

Taco showcased several of its connectivity and control applications at AHR 2018 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, including the award-winning SmartPlug. AHR’s Product of the Year last year, the plug learns user habits and makes hot water systems more efficient by preventing tanks from running continuously and assisting improperly programmed timers that can waste energy by operating the circulator and hot water heater at times when hot water isn’t needed. This increases hot water comfort, reduces energy use and helps extend the life of the hot water heater.

Automation has become dominant among Taco’s comfort options. Besides the SmartPlug, the company has introduced eLink, which uses NFC tags installed on Taco products to provide users with all relevant information by linking to a digital document library of the most up-to-date documentation and information for that specific piece of equipment.

By simply tapping an Android or Apple device to the eLink NFC tag on the Taco product, users quickly access information such as technical specs, repair parts, tech support contact, rep information, catalog sheets, CAD/REVIT files and more. 

Despite the availability of such technology that enables users to generate information and take action, every customer is different both in complexity and scale, Bent said.

“We’re proud of our ability to understand what the marketplace is saying and saying, ‘Hey, we need access to information,” Bent said. “We see it evolving to more connectivity, being able to access and actually take action on items remotely as opposed to in the past, where you might have had to go to a particular device in order to find that. But it also enables this idea of connecting more things.

“Shows like this are incredibly valuable because it allows us to meet and see and understand not only what our customers want but also where the market is going.”


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