App designed to give insulation contractors more control on jobsite

App designed to give insulation contractors more control on jobsite

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Green and sustainable building is about control.

Controlling energy consumption. Controlling waste. And controlling structural performance.

When it comes to making the construction process smoother, developers are gaining control on jobsites through mobile apps from major manufacturers that put all the information they need at their fingertips, from installing to troubleshooting to conveying the benefits and advantages of high-performance building strategies.

One of the latest is from Icynene, a leading producer of spray foam insulation for commercial and residential projects. The Canadian company has launched a free mobile application – spurred by consumer requests – that provides technical services support to its growing network of licensed installers across the United States.

The app’s release is considered a key step forward in green and sustainable development, giving contractors another technical tool in the field.

“It is important that consumers, architects and builders truly understand the advantages of using high-performance building materials that offer real ROI in terms of energy efficiency and performance,” said Robert Gilmour, a technical services manager for Icynene. “For Icynene, we work to ensure that the message of insulating and air-sealing a building provides continual benefits that last year over year.”

The app, available for download through Google Play and the Apple App Store, allows the hundreds of licensed Icynene spray foam contractors to access technical documentation, videos and calculators while on a jobsite. Users have the ability to access product manuals, health and safety information, safety data sheets, equipment troubleshooting manuals and application tips. They also can view training videos to use the material to supplement employees’ knowledge of the product.

The app features three calculators – yield, ventilation and density – designed to help streamline planning, setup and application.

“By placing this information at their fingertips, our licensed spray foam installers are able to optimize their time while on a jobsite as well as be able to access the right documentation they need to get the spray foam application done correctly, efficiently and safely,” said Randy Scott, vice president and general manager of North America for Icynene.

Feedback from contractors already using the app has been positive, officials said, and appears to be meeting the needs of dealers and contractors.

“Since our spray foam products are manufactured onsite, and not in a factory, it is important for our spray foam dealers/contractors to be able to access the important product information that is needed to maintain quality and efficiency during the installation process – from start to finish,” Gilmour said.

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