AHR spotlights industry's latest, future solutions

| by Steve Arel
AHR spotlights industry's latest, future solutions

CHICAGO – The AHR Expo annually showcases the latest technology of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industries and offers a peek at energy efficient solutions of the future.

This year was no exception.

AHR 2018 provided the 65,000 attendees from around the world with answers to some of their facility performance challenges that can be used in a variety of applications, from commercial structures to single-family homes to multifamily dwellings.

Here are some of the products the nearly 2,500 exhibitors had on display earlier this week at Chicago’s McCormick Place:

Spartan Cube

Legionnaires’ disease hospitalizes up to 18,000 people a year in the United States, with a 10 percent fatality rate. A severe form of pneumonia caused by inhaling, the bacteria oftentimes is the result of poor indoor air quality, collecting in cooling towers and spurring outbreaks in as few as seven days. Such cases have wrought havoc within some commercial structures, such as hotels, office buildings, malls and cruise ships.

The Spartan Legionella Detection System is considered the world’s first on-site Legionella DNA test to prevent outbreaks, quickly detecting infections and allowing decontamination before Legionella reaches dangerous levels.

The device fully integrates DNA collection, extraction and analysis in a compact format. Spartan’s technology enables unprecedented portability with no sample shipment to an outside laboratory and no technical expertise requirements. The system provides results in 45 minutes.

Browning Toolbox Technician Motor Efficiency Calculator

The Browning Toolbox Technician Motor Efficiency Calculator is a mobile app for Apple and Android platforms. The app calculator module allows a user to identify efficiency differences between different generations of integral horsepower electric motors.

The app not only identifies the potential efficiency gain, but it allows the user to tailor the motor usage parameters to mirror their application or overall facility usage so a projected return on investment can be displayed.

Setra FLEX

Setra FLEX is a complete room monitoring and control solution designed to ensure safe and energy-efficient indoor environmental and ventilation control conditions for operating rooms, isolation rooms, bio-safety laboratories, clean rooms and all pressurized critical spaces.

Visual and audible alarms are configurable and comply with ASHRAE Standard 170, as well as US Pharmacopeia 797 and 800.


Intellihot bills the iQ3001 as the world’s largest and most powerful on-demand tankless water heater, occupying on 20 percent of the space of a traditional floor-based setup. Not available until fall 2018, the product is considered a potential benefit to hotels, multifamily residential buildings, medical facilities and hospitals.

The increased capabilities of the iQ3001 are designed to enable large commercial properties to eliminate multiple unnecessary pieces of equipment, such as storage tanks and large boilers, minimizing the risk of Legionella and significantly saving on installation costs, operating expenses and capital expenditures.

iQ3001 is outfitted with telliZero, Intellihot’s remote monitoring, predictive analytics service.

The company projects that the solution will conserve up to 40 percent more energy and reduce carbon footprint by lowering greenhouse emissions by 37 percent.

Fujitsu wi-fi interface module

Fujitsu General America’s new wi-fi module allows monitoring and control of its Halcyon heating and cooling systems, and indoor conditions, using a smartphone or tablet.

With the module, key functions of the free FGLair app include on/off, operation mode, fan speed, louver position, set-temp, room/zone temperatures, weekly timer, minimum heat, energy savings program, error display, email notification of and child lock.

An installer setting allows contractors to perform the following functions without leaving the application:

· Initiate test run

· Service contact – allowing the customer to notify the service contractor if there’s an issue with the system

· Function setting – an easy, intuitive interface permits a service contractor to enter function settings into the system by selecting the desired function, and setting value.

Noritz residential combination boiler

Noritz expanded its line of combination boilers with the Noritz Residential Combination Boiler (NRCB), which allows for simultaneous residential domestic hot water and space heating — something the company says is a first in the industry — and performs at a 95 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency.

Its fuel-saving performance allows the NRCB to meet “Energy Star Most Efficient” standards, which represent the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s highest efficiency rating. This, combined with an Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) certification, qualifies owners of single- and multifamily homes for various state energy rebates.

Unlike traditional combination boiling systems, which can provide only space heating or hot water at any given time, the NRCB’s simultaneous capabilities are easy to control and considered beneficial for applications that do not store or deliver heat energy efficiently.


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