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The audience of, of which you are a welcomed member, is made up of professionals, such as builders, remodelers, architects, specifiers, landscape architects, designers, other industry pros and owners who are interested in learning about and integrating high performance, sustainable, and “green” strategies, systems and products to their buildings, both new and remodeled.

The Mission of

The mission of is to accelerate the adoption of high-performance strategies, systems and products for all types of buildings and multifamily homes.

How We Achieve the Mission applies its unique and advanced digital communication experience and expertise to be a credible and useful voice among all people, associations and companies that are interested in high-performance buildings. publishes a very high quantity of high quality, relevant and useful digital information that provides knowledge, inspiration, entertainment and enthusiasm about creating and/or living in buildings that are better in all ways including:

  • Energy and water efficiency
  • Healthier
  • More comfortable
  • Lower maintenance
  • More dependable
  • More durable
  • Effective value proposition

The Overarching Vision

Respect the earth.

Respect one another.

Inspire the creation of homes and buildings that honor the human experience.

Bob Fincher
Publisher / CEO

Bob was one of the four founding owners of Networld Media Group, which founded in 2009.  Prior to his web-development and online publishing career which started in 1998, Bob had 19 years of experience in product manufacturing and distribution in the homebuilding and home remodeling industries.  Bob is the co-founder of Sustainable Community Media LLC, the parent company of, and future news and information portals that will serve sustainability information to people wherever they live, work and play.  Bob can be reached via email: [email protected]

Rawson Haverty
Partner / Board of Advisors - Chair

Rawson Haverty is a co-founder of Sustainable Community Media LLC providing strategic direction regarding the principles and benefits of sustainability to Sustainable Community Media LLC, and

With a passion for sustainability, Rawson is the co-founder of Serenbe, Serenbe Real Estate and Serenbe Farms, all associated with a 1,000 plus acre, residential and light commercial buildings community located in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  

Rawson is an exciting and sought-after speaker concerning high-performance commercial buildings and corporate sustainability and responsibility.

Chip Dumstorf
Partner / Chief Creative Office

Chip Dumstorf is a co-founder of Sustainable Community Media LLC where he provides the creative direction regarding the interactive and rich media activities for and  

As co-founder and partner, and the creative force for one of the nations finest digital media agencies, Bisig Impact Group, Chip has been disrupting and designing for the digital world for more than half of his 20-year career.  Chip is known for original thinking, sage strategy, and targeted visual communications that deliver clear results for clients who've included Toyota, Brown-Forman, Humana and Norton Health Care. He is also a talented broadcast director, collecting a variety of golden trophies for TV spots, music videos, photography and long form moving pictures.

Chip has been deeply and personally involved with Toyota and many other companies regarding their corporate sustainability and responsibility initiatives.

Chip can be reached via email: [email protected]

Joseph Grove
Director of Content & Media

Joseph Grove is a veteran editor, publisher and writer with six first-place awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. His editorial teams have excelled at covering culture, business, crime news and information, and business news across more than a dozen industries. Skilled at leveraging the power of myriad types of content and publishing types to generate targeted audiences for the good of users and advertisers alike, he has deployed his modern approach to storytelling to make a difference across multiple industries and demographics.

Joseph can be reached:

Steve Arel
Editorial Director – Sustainable Community Media LLC and

Steve Arel has more than 25 years’ experience as a writer and editor, having covered everything from business to health care to government. He has worked for daily newspapers, military public affairs and corporate communications.  Steve possesses an uncanny ability to distill the essence of a story and convey it with effectiveness.

Steve can be reached via email: [email protected]

Jonathan Wissing
Vice President - Operations and Client Performance Manager

Jonathan Wissing is a graduate of The University of Kentucky, with a degree in marketing and a focus on digital communication.  Jonathan is uniquely positioned to help clients improve their communication, PR and marketing performance on and  In his professional endeavors, Jonathan is excited to “give back” to the environment through the communication and education of sustainable lifestyles.

Jonathan can be reached via email: [email protected]


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